Monday, 21 January 2008

Dirk Gilleard and I went on to attend a team lunch with the Education Leeds Education Business Partnership team...

This fantastic team is supported by the West Leeds Learning and Skills Council and works to create links between schools and businesses through an amazing portfolio of enterprise, professional development and work experience programmes. The team did a presentation for Dirk and I to outline the range and quality of their work from 'Cashpoints' to 'Boom Bizz', from the 'IKEA Way' to 'ADOPO', from 'Bee Crafty' to the 'Stocks and Shares Challenge'!

Enterprise is about problem-solving, decision making, leadership and risk management. It's about creating a can-do culture where young people tackle real problems, take responsibility for their decisions and evaluate the impact of those decisions... and the work here in Leeds is ground breaking and brilliant!

This creative and brilliant team's work is right at the heart of a new approach to the curriculum which engages and challenges young people around a key set of core skills vital for the world of work and for life in general. If you want to know more about their work contact Mike Cooper or Christine Marsden at Leeds West City Learning Centre.

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