Tuesday, 22 January 2008

I went to Elmete Centre this afternoon...

It's certainly true that great organisations are about great individuals who operate in great teams. We have so many brilliant collegaues working at Elmete in strong and highly effective teams... secondary advisers, primary advisers, healthy schools team, FAST team, learning communities team, extended services team... everywhere you look there are great colleagues making an extraordinary difference.

Great organisations, great schools and great teams build and reinforce collaborative working. We all need to:
  • select team players;
  • induct team players;
  • mentor team players;
  • coach team players;
  • collectively reward team players;
  • encourage team working;
  • develop social responsibility.

Are you a team player?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Chris

I have just found your blog by chance and am very impressed! I am just a bit disappointed to see so few comments from readers.

My involvement in education in Leeds has followed a rather unusual sequence, in that I was an LEA chair of governors first, and have now become a (step-) parent of a child at school. I suspect most people do this the other way round! It is certainly interesting to have chance to view education from different perspectives.

I haven't always agreed with you about everything but I hope you keep up the good work.

Best wishes