Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I started the day with colleagues from the Bertelsmann Foundation...

Education Leeds has been nominated for the Annual Carl Bertelsmann Prize 2008 which this year focuses on 'Integration through Education' and Dr Ulrich Kober, Dr Iris Pfeiffer, Christal Morehouse and Simone Kaiser from the Prize Project Team were spending the day with us looking at our work on supporting children from assylum seeker and refugee families, migrant workers and ethnic minorities and traveller communities.

We were joined by Cllr Richard Harker and Professor Stephen Parkinson and preparing for the visit provided me with a wonderful opportunity to look carefully and critically at all the work we are doing in this area. Rehana Minhas and I outlined for the team through two brief presentations the incredible work we are doing here in Leeds... from our STEPS parenting work, to our Mentoring work, from Artforms to Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Achievement to EMA, from the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard to the Inclusion Chartermark to Healthy Schools, from Bluewave Swift to 'Be Healthy! Stay Safe' to The Power of Me, from National Strategies to Aim Higher to programmes to reduce NEET, and much, much more... simply amazing!

The team were also visiting some of our brilliant learning places: Hillcrest Primary School, Hovingham Primary School, St Bartholomew's Primary School and South Leeds High School. They are finishing the day at Leeds United Football Club to look at our 'Playing for Success' work.

Feedback from colleagues suggests that the Project Team had an amazing day here in Leeds and you never know!


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