Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My colleague Andrea Eddison, Headteacher at Yeadon Westfield Junior School let us know some good news...

"I wanted to let you know that the Teachers Learning Academy recently asked my school to apply to be a TLA Centre as the staff here are very involved in submitting presentations for verification. A letter came this week accepting our Application and Action Plan and confirming that we are recognised as an official TLA Centre. There are only 100 schools throughout the country who have this status; a mix of Primary and Secondary schools -so Yeadon Westfield Junior are in quite a select bunch! We are not aware of any other school in Education Leeds who are a TLA Centre or a recognised TLA School. I will let you know of the developments as everything is still in its early stages - but all very exciting. Regards Andrea"

Great news about a great school doing more interesting pioneering work.

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