Friday, 20 June 2008

I started the day at the Secondary SEAL Conference...

The conference had been organised by Chris Pollard, our Head of National Strategies, and her team. Professor Katherine Weare from Southampton University, talked about the research base and the eveidence supporting the SEAL programme and Bill Skelding from Levenshulme High School in Manchester talked about being involved in the pilot of the SEAL materials in secondary schools. Students from five primary schools across Leeds also talked about the importance of the primary SEAL programme and the impact it has had in their schools. After lunch colleagues from Carr Manor, Brigshaw, Farnley Park, Royds and Boston Spa High Schools were delivering workshops on the 'emotionally literate classroom', 'peer mentoring', 'the new curriculum', 'whole school approaches' and 'subject approaches' to SEAL.

We have so much to be proud of here in Leeds... our amazing young people, our fantasic schools, our talented colleagues and our creative and imaginative approach to important initiatives and developments. This was a brilliant event wonderfully organised by Chris and her team... the only worry was that not all our secondary schools benefited from being there, hearing such wonderful inputs and taking part in the workshops!

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