Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I went on to visit another wonderful little primary school this morning...

I visited Wykebeck Primary School where Helen Cockerham and her colleagues are doing great things, releasing a very special magic and making a real difference to children, families and the community in South Gipton. Helen has a passion, focus and energy which was wonderful to see as we walked around the school. It is also deeply encouraging that, with the help of colleagues from Education Leeds and the Intensifying Support Programme, the team at the school have focused on improving teaching and assessment for learning, managing behaviour through assertive discipline and have developed tracking and monitoring to ensure that standards and progress lie at the heart of the school's practice. Powerful stuff especially when at the same time they are ensuring that the children are, importantly, happy, healthy and safe... it's incredibly hard work but magic if you can do it!

Helen took me round the school to meet some of her colleagues and some of her wonderful children and it was inspiring.

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