Sunday, 31 August 2008

We have had another great year and whatever happens this year, it will be another interesting one...

We will face new challenges, new opportunities and new demands in a year where we need to continue to be unique, special and different, to be creative and imaginative, to try new things, to learn new tricks and to continue to make a real difference… whatever it takes!

We must continue to develop respect and trust with our colleagues, with our schools and with the communities we serve. We must expect great things of each other; to embrace change and to celebrate the opportunities it brings. We all know that change is hard but it allows us all the chance to reflect, to review and to focus. It allows us the opportunity to spring clean and to ensure that we continue to do the right things.

Finally, it is also really important that we continue to be passionate and enthusiastic and to have fun and enjoy ourselves. And remember to never take yourself or anyone else too seriously and never forget that you choose everyday to be part of this team because you share its values, its beliefs and its mission here in Leeds... to make every school a good, improving and inclusive school where very child and every young person is happy, healthy, safe and successful... whatever it takes!

All I ask is that you come to work nd simply be your brilliant best!

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