Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I received another e-mail from my colleague John Paxton about NEET...

"Dear Chris, Following complex discussions with DCSF about the intricacies of the NCCIS viewer and how NEET figures are adjusted, we have a revised NEET result for September. This result remains in the "significant improvement" category but is not, unfortunately, the spectacular one believed to be the case at the end of last week. Apologies for the previous information communicated to yourselves. The September 2008 Adjusted NEET figure is 11.2%. Results for previous Septembers were 12.7%, 12.6%, 13.9% and (in 2007) 12.7%
The September Not Known figure is 27.2%. Results for previous Septembers were 42.2%, 35.0%, 39.3%, and (in 2007) 45.0% This is by far the best September. This position was reflected too in August's results so there are grounds for optimism that a significant improvement trend is under way. Still reason for celebration, I think ! John"

It's great news and the trend is obvious for everyone to see.

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