Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My colleague Richard Boughey sent me this after his recent visit to Parklands Primary School...

"Hello Chris, Patricia Rose and I were invited to Parklands Primary today by the head, Cath Hindmarch, who warmly greeted us at the door in a fabulous pink outfit. It was a Breast Cancer Awareness day and she had asked us both the wear pink to support the school. I'm afraid my contribution was a pink tie and cufflinks but Patricia was able to provide a stronger team contribution! We were there to talk about ICT and support Cath and the school in their plans to invigorate the ICT provision in the school. Cath and the team have some brilliant ideas but we were able to add to their thinking and are really looking forward to spending some more time with them to develop these thoughts. During our time with the school every pupil we met (and there were a lot of them) wanted to be the head teacher during the 11 Million Takeover day because they all thought it was the best job ever! Once again it was fabulous to spend time such enthusiastic and vibrant students, and the pink buns they sold us were great! Thanks Richard"

Parklands Primary School is another of my favourite places where talented colleagues are releasing the magic and making such a difference to their children, their families and their communities. Thanks Richard.

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