Monday, 24 November 2008

I visited Windmill Primary School this morning to listen to the Sing Leeds South choir which draws children from nine primary schools in LS10 and LS11...

I had been invited by Maggie Hartley, Extended Schools and Services Cluster Co-ordinator, and Salena Riley, Cluster Co-ordinator LS10XS Extended Services who wanted me to see the wonderful work going on in the cluster. It is always wonderful to visit Windmill Primary School... whatever the reason and for those of us who could see it, there was lots of magic which we can build on. Magic, captured in the faces of some of the children who were, for moments, lost in their singing and transported somewhere wonderful. Singing releases endorphins that make you feel happier and brighter and more effective and great singing requires discipline, listening skills, teamwork and practice, practice, practice. Sally Sumpner's children were a credit to her and her team as they listened and applauded every song. From small acorns oak trees grow and while there is more to do with the choir there is real potential here and in so many ways they were fabulous.

I am sure that, with even more practice, discipline, focus and hard work, the choir will be even more brilliant when they sing at the Leeds Schools Christmas Concert at the Town Hall on Tuesday next week.

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