Saturday, 29 November 2008

My colleague Heather Scott, Deputy Headteacher at Allerton High Business & Enterprise Specialist School sent me this e-mail after their incredible day yesterday...

"Hi Chris, Thanks so much for being there yesterday - we had a great day! We loved the way that Gordon Brown interacted with the kids, and was much warmer and friendlier than his regular image - we also loved the way he sat on the yellow cubes in our PSE breakout space, and asked the students about their OCR National in Health & Social Care. The most fantastic bit for me and you can bet it will be in our next prospectus! was when he said: "I wanted to come here.. to congratulate everyone who is associated with this great new school. It's the most open, the most colourful and the most innovative school I have seen in many, many years... I believe it will be a model for other schools around the country for years to come." Please can you find time to thank everyone involved with the BSF programme for all their input to our "great new school", as this is very much a team product. See also attached link to YEP, who created a video version of the visit at wishes, Heather."

It was a fantastic day for all of us and I am so proud of everyone who has played a part in making Allerton High School such a brilliant success story.

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