Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My colleague Michael Rossiter sent me some brilliant news...

"Dear Chris, Thought that you might like to see this Ofsted report. You said last time that sometimes you miss out on the 'loop' and don't get to hear some news. Well Chris, we have just had our 2nd Outstanding in all areas Ofsted report and I can't tell you how delighted I am for all at Woodlesford Primary. My staff work incredibly hard and we achieve so much in so many different areas of school life. We are probably the best known Leeds School in terms of sporting excellence and we are spreading the word internationally too having just received the 'International School Award' in London. I admire much of your efforts to raise the bar for many of my colleagues and I do believe in your sincerity too about empowering people to 'spread the word'. That was my last Ofsted I would imagine as I am 62 now and almost in my dotage, but never once in my teaching career have I resented the time spent in this profession. Many of my colleagues here share the same passion, and although it does become a load too much at times, the end results-the smiles, the pride and the spirit shown make it worth while. I do feel that schools like ours never receive the 'praise' from Education Leeds that we should, I don't know why, because we also have problem children and families, outside pressures etc. to deal with. I know that you indeed do spend time and thought sharing your beliefs, and have 'kept the faith'. I'm proud to be head-teacher of this wonderful school and all associated with it. Anyway time to go as I'm playing 'Brucie' in the Staff Panto and can't be late. AM I DODDERY? DODDERY I'M NOT! All the best, happy christmas and thanks. Michael"

Woodlesford Primary School is an outstanding school and I am delighted for Michael and his brilliant team.

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