Wednesday, 17 December 2008

'Spirit Awards'

The judging panel met yesterday afternoon to run through the selection process for all 'Spirit Awards' nominations. Over three hours were spent analysing the forms and now the final results are here. The three finalists (per category) for the Spirit Awards 2008 are:-

Putting customers first:
  • Operations service, part of Information Management team (managed by Dev Phull);
  • Jason Tattersall, and
  • Mari Connolly.
Looking after Leeds:
  • Eve McLeish and VI team,
  • Christine Halsall, and
  • Carl Whalley.
Health and Wellbeing:
  • Rosemary Molinari,
  • Health Initiatives team, and
  • Health and Safety team.
Personal Achievement:
  • Kaya Barker,
  • Stephanie Rayford, and
  • Vanessa Murphy
Leader of the year:
  • Heather Eyre,
  • Anne Lomas, and
  • Alex Macleod.
Treating people fairly:
  • Hannah Oldfield,
  • Peter Saunders, and
  • Pauline Rosenthal.

Team of the year:

  • Secondary School Improvement Advisors,
  • BSF team, and
  • Pay & Grading team.
Colleague of the year:
  • Stephanie Rayford,
  • Jayne Sloan, and
  • Sally Bavage.

Amazing colleagues and teams who have achieved great things this year.

Be at the Education Leeds party on Friday night to find out who has won each of these fantastic awards.


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