Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I received this e-mail today after my colleague Rehana Minhas, Director for Equality and Entitlement, attended a special event in London yesterday...

"Dear Chris, The performance of 'And then they came for me' yesterday at the DCSF went well. Leeds schools were mentioned in the written information provided by Blue Sky productions, we received further acknowledgement from Nic Careem in his introduction. I had an opportunity to share with all the work we are doing in Leeds. The officer from the US Democratic office in London took a copy of Harmony, which featured Eva Schloss and Peace Jam as well as my contact details. The event was well attended, the opening address was given by Jim Knight. Rehana."

We are doing some great work in this area which features in the special edition of Harmony and it is brilliant to have this work acknowledged in this way.

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