Sunday, 14 June 2009

Liz Taylor, Headteacher at St. Philip's Catholic Primary School sent me this wonderful e-mail...

"Hi Chris, I wanted to let you know about an arts project here at St. Philip's Catholic Primary School in Middleton which has been made possible by Kath, the Creative Arts Worker from Cockburn, Peter Nuttall, Community Arts Director and of course Dave Gurney. For about twelve weeks, Kath has moved (with what seemed like lock, stock and barrel), her stained glass making gear from Cockburn to our school so that she could work with six of our Year 6's (before SATs!) to produce what I can only describe as a strikingly fine stained glass window which reflects our school and its ethos. We couldn't spare a member of staff to take the children to Cockburn each week - that did not deter - they came to us instead! The children have produced a lasting legacy of which they can be rightly proud and of course bonds have been strenghtened further. What is particularly relevant here, is that only two of our children will move to Cockburn in September (the rest mainly to our Catholic feeder school) but Kath's, Peter's and Dave's commitment to the entire community of Middleton was made apparent by their determination that this project would happen. It surely does show that Every Child Matters to them! I was equally impressed when not only Kath, but Dave and Peter as well found time to come to us for the 'handover assembly' of the finished window - I was very moved that they should find time for us! You might like to come and see it for yourself in the new school year, when our new front entrance will be completed and we'll be builder-free! Keep well and God Bless, Liz ."

It is great to hear how colleagues from Cockburn College of Arts are working with colleagues in Middleton to release the magic in our young people and at the same time create something which sounds incredible as their lasting legacy.

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Peter Harris said...

Kath is also inspiring colleagues beyond Middleton. She is currently working on another window project with children from my school in Farsley, and now I am being hassled by my Learning Mentor to buy a glass kiln at school! The feedback so far has been outstanding and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Peter Harris, Farsley Farfield