Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My colleague Jeremy Dunford, headteacher at Deighton Gates Primary School in Wetherby sent me some good news...

"Hello Chris, I have attached a copy of a press release that will go with an article in Wetherby News this week. We have 33 Year 6 pupils who will gain arts award. Two will get silver and 31 bronze. We are the only primary school in Leeds with pupils involved in this national award scheme. It was only opened to Year 6 pupils last year and have two of a very small cohort of Year 6 pupils to gain silver. They have used the EPOS RJC dance project as a basis for their portfolios. It is also a good example of the role a governor can play. Fran Hannan, a parent governor and consultant with artforms, has supported the Year 6 staff and pupils voluntarily as the demands on staff and pupils are high.

“ this is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils and, if given the chance in high school, they can progress further growing to be leaders in the arts. They have worked very hard and produced a high standard of work and deserve the recognition they have got. It is also a great example of partnership between staff and governors who have worked together to support the pupils. Parent Governor Fran Hannan and teachers Ivan Lister & Jo Tate have done a fantastic job”

Regards Jeremy."

Another example of brilliant work at the end of another wonderful year.

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