Saturday, 19 September 2009

I started the day yesterday at the Leadership Forum at the Leeds Metropolitan University Rosebowl...

The session focused on Corporate Assessment, the new OFSTED Inspection Framework and safeguarding which sits at the heart of all our work. I talked to colleagues about the opportunities and challenges we face around standards, outcomes and our contract.

The big issues narrow down to five key areas:
  • Primary Standards and the Primary Floor Target Schools;
  • Place Provision and Primary Numbers;
  • Secondary Standards and the National Challenge Schools;
  • Leeds Inclusive Learning Strategy, Behaviour and Attendance;
  • Narrowing the Gap, Target Groups and Priority Areas.

I also talked through our Wicked Issues which will be the big opportunities and challenges over the next year:

  • Budget Issues;
  • White Paper: 21st Century Schools;
  • Children's Services;
  • National and Local Elections; and
  • OFSTED Inspections.

In uncertain times it is important to know who your friends are, who will stand beside you when the going gets tough, where any support is going to come from, where the challenges are and for me the key message is THINK TEAM. Looking around that room on Friday morning you realise what a talented and knowledgeable group of colleagues we have driving this agenda for Education Leeds. We certainly live in interesting times and we all know that it's going to be a great year!


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