Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Last week was a celebration of brilliant buildings, brilliant leadership and brilliant people...

I visited some great schools in Leeds: our two new Academies - Leeds West and South Leeds; our two new schools built under the Building Schools for the Future programme - Allerton Grange and Swallow Hill; and Clapgate Primary School. I also went to Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College in Bradford. Here in Leeds we've built some truly exceptional buildings over the past few years; brilliant learning places that are at the heart of local communities. They are all unique, creative and imaginative places where wonderfully talented colleagues will be able to release the enormous potential and magic in our young people.

I spent time with some great leaders: Annette Hall, Colin Bell, Richard Hughes, Lesley Simpson, Rick Whittaker and Bernard Knowles. We have appointed some truly exceptional headteachers over the last few years; brilliant colleagues who have transformed learning in their schools and helped us achieve some outstanding outcomes. They are all unique, creative and wonderful colleagues whose leadership, commitment and example has helped us release the enormous potential and magic in our colleagues.

As with most weeks here in Leeds the real highlight was that I spent time with some extraordinary young people with enormous talent and potential. Potential doctors, lawyers, scientists, sportsmen, artists, teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, politicians; young people with energy, enthusiasm, character and magic. Young people who make it all worthwhile and who remind us why we are here.

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