Tuesday, 6 October 2009

At lunchtime I gave a press conference as the 'National Challenge and Structural Change in Secondary Schools' paper was published...

The paper will be going to next week's Executive Board meeting for approval but we wanted to brief the local media about the issues raised in the paper. I hope colleagues will read the paper because any media coverage simply glosses over the issues and inevitably the editors and reporters chop and change the briefings and interviews. The paper explores the options, the available capital funding and recommends formal consultation on the closure of the three National Challenge schools, City Of Leeds, Parklands and Primrose, and their replacement with two co-educational Academies and a 14 - 19 Vocational Learning Hub.

We recognise the real progress the schools have made over the last few years but to complete these last pieces of the secondary schools estate we need to find a Leeds solution which uses radically different struuctures,strategies and provision supported by strong and innovative partners. The paper also highlights the need to continue to work with all three schools to drive up standards and to manage the transition for all the students currently in the three schools.

Please read the paper and as always I am happy to discuss these issues, opportunities and challenges and would welcome your feedback.

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