Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Don't let anyone tell you that at its brilliant best Leeds isn't world class! I received this message from Roel Rhoner, one of our recent visitors from Brno in the Czech Republic...

"Dear Chris, Thank you for your E letter. It was again an inspiring visit and especially exchanging thoughts and information with you and Jenny was valuable. I was seriously thinking to come back in order to join the happening on 25/11 with Ken Robinson, but it will be a problem in my schedule of next weeks. Thank you for the advice to see the TED site. In reaction on that I asked our webmaster to bring an example of his speech under Dalton connected in www.daltoninternational.org . There you will find a link to your own weblog too. The whole group went back with new impulses and great admiration for the achievement of the school teams and they all are proud to have a partnership in Leeds. And representing the Dalton network I can tell you that we can be proud to have such an inspiring partner in Education Leeds, with that great magician at the top. Hope to meet you soon. All the best and kind regards, Roel."

Roel and his colleagues from the Dalton International network are pioneering work on personalisation, enterprise and really engaging young people in learning. It is wonderful to get such positive feedback from these wonderful colleagues. Thanks to everyone involved in their recent visit.

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