Thursday, 19 November 2009

I moved on to Woodkirk High School Specialist Science College...

Jonathan White, the headteacher, had invited me to visit the school after receiving one of my recent letters and I talked to the Leadership Team about some of the issues they are wrestling with in their quest to build outstanding provision consistently across the school. They also talked to me about problems with procuring building work and the need for a Leeds ICT approach to tracking, monitoring and intervention. We were joined by the Chair of Governors, who accompanied us on a quick tour of the school before one of the sixth form took over and showed me the best bits. Our whistle-stop tour covered English, history, geography, psychology, science, ICT... we looked in on classes in Year 7, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, and the sixth form. What really struck me apart from the confidence, commitment and assurance of my guide was the atmosphere around the school, the positive behaviour, the wonderful relationships, the focused, enthusiastic, young and caring staff and Jonathan's relationships with his students. Lunch was pretty good as well!

Woodkirk is very obviously a good school but it is going to be a great one under Jonathan's leadership and with this great team of colleagues releasing the magic in their wonderful young people.

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