Friday, 20 November 2009

I started the day at the Leeds Governors' Conference at the Village Hotel...

The conference was attended by over 150 governors from across the city and was focussed on student voice and safeguarding. Rosemary Archer and I talked to the governors about Children's Services and the keys to brilliant provision before children from the school councils at Castleton and Shadwell Primary Schools gave fantastic presentations about the impact they were having in their schools. I talk so often about magic but these young people certainly brought some to the conference.


Chanté Lee said...

While it is pleasing to read that the primary schools have shown to have a positive effect in the mind of Mr Edwards, it is rather disappointing that he fails to explain the effect left by the members of Leeds Youth Council- secondary, 6th form and college students representing both their schools and Leeds Youth.

Mr Edwards had chance to speak with several and had commented on how nice it was to be able to listen to concerns and opinions voiced by those who are usually excluded out of such meetings.

I therefore find it annoying that yes, whilst he is a busy man he has done the same as every politican (minus only 2, who take an express interest) I have ever had the misfortune of meeting

With any luck, Mr Edwards will read this and be provoked into action. If not, then it simply reinforces my earlier statement

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Chante, I don't need to be provoked into action... I am happy to meet and discuss the issues you raise. I spend a huge amount of my time in schools and with groups of young people. We have tried since I posted this in November to connect more with young people and listen to their views about how we can make education and schools better for young people. Colleagues have worked hard through things like the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard work, the Inclusion Chartermark, Investors in Pupils, The Power of Me, our Gypsy Roma Traveller work and our relationship with the Leeds Youth Council but we can always do more.
Happy to meet and talk.
Best wishes