Thursday, 12 November 2009

I received this e-mail from Bridget Emery, who is Head of Housing Strategy and Solutions in Leeds City Council...

"Dear Chris, I am writing to let you know how brilliantly the Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows performed at the Music For Youth Schools Prom held at the Albert Hall on Monday evening.
As you probably know the band are a collection of young people from various high schools and colleges across Leeds although the band is based and rehearses at City of Leeds. My son, for example, attends Allerton Grange and there are also some pupils from Swallow Hill Community College and various others. The band is led by Victoria Jaquiss, Steel Pan Development Officer at Artsform, who is absolutely inspirational and who puts in an incredible amount of very hard work all through the year supporting the band members and encouraging them to believe in their own talent. She is very well supported by Natalie Marks, Joe Mooney and Bex Ainge - who all work for Artsform. Monday evening was very nerve-wracking as a parent but the band seemed to take to the big stage like it was an everyday event. The music they played was magical and the applause from the 5000-strong audience deafening. What a credit this band is to Leeds as a city and to Artsform/Education Leeds. The rest of the evening was equally fantastic with bands and choirs from across the country - I highly recommend you to attend a future Schools Prom if you haven't done so before. And I hope you get the chance to see the Sparrow play in the near future. Maybe they could play at a future Education Leeds event? I'm sure they would love to. With regards, Bridget."

It is wonderful to hear about the continued success of the Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows who I know are brilliant!


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