Saturday, 14 November 2009

My colleague Duncan Grant, Headteacher at Hill Top Primary School sent me this e-mail after we met at the New Headteachers Conference earlier in the week...

"Hi Chris, good to see you again yesterday at the new Heads conference at Oulton Hall. The two days provided a lot of good networking, support, advice and time to reflect. As always, being away made me wonder how things were back at school but, again as always, I needn't have had any worries. Getting home and clicking onto our website to find out what had happened on our 11 million takeover day it filled me with immense pride to sit back and take an objective and reflective view on the fantastic things that are going on...11 million takeover, rocket lauching with help from Leeds University, Indian Dance, numerous fundraising activities...I could go on but instead I'm asking you to just have a quick glance for yourself if you have time have a look under 'events', 'childrens work', newsletter, or indeed any other heading or link. It is of great credit to our TLR and Community Cohesion co-ordinator, Lindsey Towler, who tirelessly manages the website and promotes the school. I think you'll agree she's doing a stunning job. Also on there you'll see a link to a Muhazi Primary Powerpoint. This is the school in Rwanda that we are linking with through pictures and letters via Michael Tennant who, as you know, is out there with VSO. You'll even see him on the slides themselves. Anyway, just thought I'd point you in the direction to see for yourself if you have time. Let me know your thoughts. Oh, AND we are school of the week on Radio Aire next week! It's non-stop! Kind regards, Duncan."

I looked at Duncan's website over the weekend.It's a wonderful celebration of the work going on at the school. Brilliant photos and a lot of hard work! I loved the 11 Million Takeover section, Wear it Pink, the Annapurna Dance Company and Lift Off! I also really enjoyed the Muhazi Primary Powerpoint showing the school in Rwanda where Michael Tennant is doing VSO. It makes you realise how fortunate we all are... I think everyone should watch it! I look forward to seeing what they get up to on Friday with Children in Need!

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