Thursday, 25 March 2010

After lunch I visited Lineham Farm with Cllr Richard Harker...

It is a brilliant resource for Leeds schools offering a unique and very special experience to our primary age children from schools all over Leeds who might not have the opportunity to stay for a week of activity, fun and discovery in a safe and well managed learning environment. You name it, they do it - looking after the animals, climbing the high-ropes course, night walks, orienteering and mini beast discovery, mountain biking and organic gardening, heart start - Lineham's very own first aid course and the infamous cook shops. The Farm takes up to 24 children accompanied by three or four school staff at a time from schools within Leeds. The fully qualified Lineham Farm team, works together with visiting colleagues, leading the daily activities and looking after the children during these sessions. School colleagues are then responsible for free time, overnight care and shower time.

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