Monday, 26 April 2010

I finished the day at the Supplementary Schools Celebration at Weetwood Hall...

The event was to recognise the fantastic achievements of the supplementary schools in Leeds who had gained the Quality Framework Awards. We wanted to stress the importance of the journey our supplementary schools have been on as we worked together to build brilliant provision focused on equality, inclusion and excellence. Wesley Wu, our Supplementary Education Coordinator, who has led this important aspect of our work, told us all that we were the most successful area in the Yorkshire and Humber region with over twenty supplementary schools in the Leeds area achieving these important awards.

If we are serious about world class provision for all our young people, we need to connect 21st Century Schools, Think Family and powerful communities together through enriched and extended high quality provision. Provision that ensures that we help more of our children reach their potential through the additional offer we make through our breakfast clubs, study support activities and supplementary schools. These awards recognise and celebrate excellence and our challenge is to ensure that more of our children and young people access supplementary schools that have achieved these important awards.

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