Thursday, 29 April 2010

I moved on to Parklands Primary School to 'Get Up, Get Out, Take Action' Community Cohesion event...

The school was packed with children, parents and carers, staff, partners who were attending this brilliant celebration managed by Viv Gibbons, cluster activities manager for the Seacroft Manston Family of Schools. The event was coordinated in partnership with Seacroft Action Group, Parklands Primary School and Seacroft Manston Extended Services and funded by Green Generations and Aldi Stores. Everyone who attended was able to sample local activities and find out about volunteering opportunities in the school and the community. They were also holding a volunteer awards ceremony and I had been asked to present awards to children, parents and carers and group and individuals who were working to make a difference here in Seacroft.

We were all entertained by the school's brilliant little choir who sang 'Give it all you've got'...

"Give it all you';ve got
Cause you've really got a lot
Give it heart, give it mind
Give it soul, don't stop!"
As part of the event the Red Cross will be carrying out a community mapping exercise to identify a community led environmental project in the South Seacroft community with a start up fund provided by Parklands Primary Schoola dn Aldi Stores. The event was followed by a wonderful feast.
This event simply shows us all what we can do together when we have great schools working with their families and communities to build brilliant provision for everyone.

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