Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Eleanor Brazil, our Interim Director of Children's Services, and I started the day with the secondary headteachers at Weetwood Hall...

We talked about the opportunities and challenges that we are facing and the need to stay focused on teaching and learning. We all understand that many of the issues determining our success with 5 A*-Cs at GCSE, level 2 outcomes at 16 and 19, level 3 outcomes at 16 and 19 and young people who are NEET require us to 'Think Family'. Our work on the 'Common Factors', which looked at persistent absence, teenage conceptions and looked after children's outcomes, powerfully connects with free school meals uptake, disadvantage and poverty. We all agreed that we need to think about the team around the school, the team around the child and the team around the family as we reinvent, re-imagine and renew children's services here in Leeds. Schools are at the front line of what we are doing and we must focus on:
  • Our shared values which must be inclusive and outcome and action focused;
  • Seeing the bigger picture around our families and their children;
  • Shaping that bigger picture around our schools;
  • Thinking team and what we can achieve together;
  • Aspiring to excellence in everything we do;
  • Building on, and learning from, what works well;
  • Keeping it simple as far as possible;
  • Being flexible, creative and action focused;
  • Making the best possible use of limited resources.

It's great to talk and even better to listen!


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