Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My colleague Sue Davies, who is Head of Learning and Audience Development at Leeds Museums and Galleries, sent me this bit of good news...

"Dear Chris I hope you're well; no doubt you are incredibly busy with all the changes that are taking place in Education Leeds. I thought I'd send you some good news especially pertinent given our discussion in early March. Finally at long last I have effected some change in the Art Gallery as this year for the first time young people are being invited to submit their art work as part of a junior Open Show alongside the adult annual submissions. A team of young would -be curators will act as judges ( part of a partnership we have with Leeds Met Art Gallery who have such a group). I'll make sure you get an invitation to the private view which is mid day on Sunday 8 August. The exhibition of winners( 0-100 years of age) will be from 8 August until the end of September so schools will catch it on the return after the holidays. I do hope that teachers will encourage pupils to enter. Kindest regards, Sue"

We have so many talented young artists here in Leeds and I am delighted that Sue has managed to get artwork from young people exhibited alonside adult work at the Art Gallery Open Show this Summer. I hope that colleagues in schools will submit children and young people's work and that eventaully we will have our own Open Exhibition of young peoples work to celebrate our young artists and show the talent we have here in the city.

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