Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I visited Chapel Allerton Primary School this afternoon...

I had been invited by Fran Hall to visit the school to look at the work she was doing with 'Every Child Counts'. This intensive programme is achieving some extra-ordinary results and Fran allowed me to sit in and watch one of her sessions. Through this work children are making huge gains and becoming more confident about number. It is also important that the improved outcomes appear to last after the twelve week programme. We need to continue to release the magic and reach more children through wonderful interventions like 'Every Child Counts' and 'Every Child a Reader' building on Fran's passion, commitment and enthusiasm for maths and her belief that every child can succeed. I also had the opportunity to look around the school with Nicholas Sykes, headteacher, and meet some of his colleagues and some of his wonderful children. Whenever I visit a school I ask myself the same question... what makes this school, Chapel Allerton Primary School, successful?
  • a talented and developing learning team;
  • a clear and developing vision driving the work of the school;
  • some strong and highly effective teaching;
  • positive relationships and high expectations; and
  • some talented and wonderful young people!

The school has enormous potential and Nicholas and his learning team are clearly making a real difference through brilliant initiatives like 'Every Child Counts'. They have created an attractive and stimulating learning environment for the children, supported by an effective extended services programme working at the heart of this diverse, rich and multicultural community.


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