Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lynne Morrisroe, Deputy Head Teacher at East Garforth Primary School sent me this bit of sunshine today...

"Hi Chris, Along with a group of wonderful colleagues from a variety of schools across the city, I am very fortunate to be training as an ECaR Teacher this year with John Shute. As you know this is a high quality reading intervention programme for year 1 children so I get to spend my 'teaching time' doing something that I am passionate about - how lucky am I? I have only been involved since September but have been thrilled with the impact the programme has had on the children I work with - not just in terms of their accelerated reading scores but in their development of self-belief and confidence. My first group has just 'graduated' and I thought I would share the responses of the parents with you. I hope the attached reports bring some sunshine into your day! With best wishes, Lynne."
  • R’s attitude to reading prior to the programme was that he couldn’t do it so therefore he would throw a tantrum and refused. Since he started the programme he has gained confidence which has manifested in all other areas of R’s life including making friends, self belief and swimming. I have noticed a marked improvement in his reading abilities and he now looks forward to our reading sessions which we will carry on and will include maths and writing. R now has a gung-ho attitude to new challenges and is willing to try new things. R has become more confident and likes to express his opinions more than he used to – rather than fade into the background. I believe that every child should have the opportunity that R has had. The programme has also given R something to focus on and realise that small steps do make a difference. Thank you for giving him the chance to prove he can do it.
  • Prior to K starting the programme, K enjoyed listening to stories which were read to him at home daily. He would memorise the stories and read them back to himself but didn’t associate the stories and vocabulary with the text. If I ever attempted to ask K to read new texts with my help he wasn’t interested. During the programme I have watched K’s reading ability and confidence grow. It has surprised me how quickly he has accelerated with his reading at school and has gained an ability to read with great expression and fluency. K now pretty much attempts to read any text, whether it be on a road sign or a cereal box. He even attempts Ben 10 books which even I struggle on sometimes! K enjoyed books before ECaR but enjoys them even more now that he can read them for himself. Thank you.
  • The ECaR programme has turned an unconfident and disinterested little boy into a strong and capable pupil. The transformation has been quick and dramatic. My wife and I are so pleased that R has been through it. His attitude to school and in other areas of his home-life has got better as his education has improved. His reading ability is 200% better than what it was. R now enjoys reading and does not find it a chore.

The Every Child a Reader programme is a brilliant initiative and the feedback from parents and carers says it all! We need to ensure that as far as possible all our children became brilliant little learners by the time they leave primary school and that means that Every Child is a Reader and Every Child Counts by the time they are seven or eight. Some great colleagues are involved in making Every Child a Reader such a success and we need to do more of this; to talk more, to share more, to network more and to celebrate more.


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