Thursday, 23 September 2010


"Success is not measured simply by what you accomplish, but by the things you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against the odds."

I met with and Sheila Davenport this afternoon to talk about how we can promote the briliant resource our young carers have produced for schools in Leeds...

There are over 2000 young carers in Leeds with more than 1200 under 16. Thinking about it that means on average around 150 young carers in each age group; 2 or 3 in every primary school and 20 in every secondary school. This amazing project works with around 250 young carers every year. It operates in partnership with Barnardo's, supporting children and young people who care for a member of their family. I have attended all the Celebration Events and this year some of these inspirational young people have been working with students from Leeds City College at the Thomas Danby site to produce some wonderful drama to tell their stories as carers. Sheila Davenport and her fabulous colleagues at Willow Young Carers are releasing something very special working with this wonderful group of young people.

This meeting was with colleagues from Barnardo's to see whether we could work together to make this resource, which we are sending free to every school in Leeds, available nationally.

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