Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Isn't life wonderful .... I popped in to Cockburn College to see Colin Richardson... just to check that Colin and his wonderful team were OK... they were... I suppose you have to be resilient working in such complex and challenging circumstances.

Colin had received some more letters to add to his collection....Colin received a letter from the DfES last year as the 8th most improved secondary school in the country. The new batch included one from the DfES telling him that the school would lose its specialist status unless they had the 'notice to improve' removed.. .. another from the Specialist Colleges and Academies Trust from Sir Cyril Taylor welcoming Cockburn to their Most Improved Schools Club because of the great progress they have made..... and another inviting Colin to meet Alan Johnson, the Secretary of State for Education and Skills in recognition of their ongoing success as one of the most improved schools in the country.

We certainly live in interesting times!

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