Sunday, 14 January 2007

It has been an amazing weekend. I have driven a van from York to Colchester and on to Oxford and then back to York. 560 miles and 33 hours later here I am back home.. James is now back in Oxford and Felicity is back in Colchester.

We stayed over night in Oxford, which is a lovely city... it grows on us each time we visit. Bigger and busier than Cambridge, another of our special places, but the colleges seem even more spectacular. We have so far discovered a wonderful little hotel, some great bookshops, a fantastic covered market and some really good restaurants to sit alongside the history and the incredible buildings.

Back home, the house is strangely quiet, the washing bins are not bursting with wet towels and dirty clothes and the fridges are no longer self emptying. It always takes a while to get used to the peace and quiet and I always miss the banter and the jokes at my expense.
Still I should make the most of it...with a bit of luck they'll be back at Easter!

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