Monday, 30 April 2007

I started the day with the Education Leeds Learning Environments Team...

This team has transformed the learning landscape here in Leeds over the last six years... and, while I know that a lot of people still have grumbles and concerns about the condition and suitability of school buildings here in Leeds, we have achieved some incredible things.

The PFI programme, the BSF programme, the School Partnership programme and the Capital Programme are transforming the school estate. The intelligent and focused use of resources has resulted in a huge programme of minor works as well which means that the learning landscape is largely unrecognisable compared to what we inherited in 2001.

Thanks must go to this team of brave souls who have rolled their sleeves up and simply got on with it... despite the criticism and the negativity.

Their legacy is there for all to see and it's brilliant.


Oaf said...


Hope all is tickety boo.
I read with interest the letter from Jane Haswell. It is great that people have had the commitment and passion to build up their skills.

It does however show a lack of respect to make you wear a balloon hat in the photo.

You need to add a couple of things to your list of things that make you happy - beer and pies. I have also recently developed a penchant
for treacle and dumplings.


Chris'Blog said...

Hi Oaf, great to know that you are still with us! It is a mark of respect to wear the balloon hat at events like this. Remember that we are dealing with an obesity epidemic amongst our young people... beer, pies, treacle and dumplings are, like all things, great in moderation.
I think exercise, laughter and great company is the best way to make you happy!