Monday, 30 April 2007

My colleague Jane Haswell sent me this message over the weekend which I wanted to share with you...

Hello Chris
Please find attached pic for your blog. In May I will start working with Valley View, 5 Lanes (who have told me they have 17 parents) Asquith and Westerton. I have felt really honoured by the amount of interest in the course from both schools and parents. Everywhere I have gone the parents have been very enthusiastic and committed with only 3 people dropping out in total.

I have worked for Education Leeds for many years now, in fact I started out as a dinner lady some fourteen years ago and have slowly worked my way up. I would like you to know that to write and deliver this course has been a big personal challenge for me because I have never had much confidence in my abilities, so have never dared take any risks. It has all been made possible by the impact that IiE and STEPS has had complimented by the Degree course I am doing and the confidence that Chris Bennett (my line manager) has in me.

I know you often ask people to tell you what they are passionate about, for me this is it.

Jane also sent me this photo of the group.

Fantastic people, like Jane, are making such a difference here in Leeds.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
Where can we find out more about the course that Jane has developed?

Anonymous said...

Jane is contactable at
details of the course were also sent to every school in the envopack - around Feb/March time

htsal said...

Well done to Jane Haswell. We sometimes forget or seriously underestimate the value and impact of recognising adult achievement, like the volunteer awards. I know that some of our extra adults find it hard to come forward, to come to the front, to be the centre of attention, - and I know that some have worried about it for days. I also know how proud they are to have succeeded.
When I'm told that some of the actions the school puts in place...'have changed my life' ..
I'm humble and proud in equal amounts. Great volunteers....
By the way - new balloon dance Chris?