Thursday, 21 June 2007

I had lunch today with Piet Van Der Ploeg and Laurence Geurin from the University of Utrecht...

I met Piet when I went to Brno to deliver a session at the Dalton International Conference. Piet was doing a session on the research into the effectiveness of the Dalton Method and having heard my input to the conference was really interested in what we are doing here in Leeds.

We arranged visits to Pudsey Grangefield High School, Victoria Primary School and the North East SILC. Piet and Laurence were clearly inspired by Tessa and her colleagues at Victoria Primary School and by Sue Towers and her colleagues at the SILC and felt that we could learn a lot from Dalton Method secondary provision in Holland.

The Dalton Method focuses on students taking responsibility for their own learning amd I think we need to send a group over to Holland to see what we can learn from their practice.

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