Tuesday, 19 June 2007

I started the day at the Derek Fatchett CLC...

We had a Leadership Forum but my colleague Joan Haines had invited the brilliant 'Leeds Schools Percussion Ensemble' to play at the start of the day. Joan had seen the ensemble perform at the Wharfdale Festival of Performing Arts where they swept the board and were recognised as outstanding. Michael, Alex, Jennifer, Joseph, Jacob and Tom, led by our colleague Ray Payne from Artforms, showed us real talent, great teamwork and the importance of high quality coaching... it was a remarkable performance.


Oaf said...


I have just read the last ECM update featuring our very own Rosemary Archer who sensually mentions her episode of 'Tea with Tony'.
I cannot help but feel you may have been left a little behind here, as Tony beats Lord Adonis hands down.
Please visit London again and visit someone of great import - I suggest that Gordon would bring great kudos, or failing that Alan Sugar (I like the cut of his jib).

By the way, Hillary Benn visits our school regularly, and I could arrange a meeting for a small consideration......

I notice my last (admitedly slightly inane) contribution has not(yet)been published.
I do hope this is not the face of capitalist oppression censoring the voice of the downtrodden masses, or me at any rate.

Publish the Oaf or I will get a petition up.


Chris'Blog said...

It's interesting that we read so much and somehow don't take it in... I recognise that it's the sheer volume of materials crossing busy peoples desks. Actually,if you read the Children's Services Every Child Matters Update Rosemary didn't have tea with Tony; Deborah Howe, from The Project, had tea with Tony Blair. But thanks for getting back in touch!