Thursday, 21 June 2007

I received a copy of the Bluewave Swift 'School-Wide Improvement from Today' and it is brilliant...

The School Improvement Handbook is the latest version of the Education Leeds Quality Standards Framework. It is a unique system which links information across key school processes to save time, reduce workloads and bureaucracy and to help schools focus on improvement.

The materials are fantastic and we are now trying to market them nationwide. You can find out more at


Joe Blundell said...

Thanks for your comments Chris, we've already received quite a few hits to our site from interested colleagues as a result. It's an exciting time for SWIFT. We are getting a very positive review from the many schools in Leeds who are going through training. We've also started to generate interest from schools outside Leeds and we're training our first group of 4 from Bransley in a few weeks. Thanks for your support.

Joe Blundell, Bluewave.

Chris'Blog said...

Glad to promote such a brilliant product... hopefully in Barnsley as well as Bransley!