Monday, 17 September 2007

I have been thinking about the many challenges we face here in Leeds and how we get started. When it comes to getting started, we need to understand some simple truths... the first is that it's all about people; disciplined, extraordinary people.

If you begin with "brilliant people" you can more easily adapt to a rapidly-changing and complex world. If colleagues get on your bus because of where they think it's going, you'll be in trouble when you get a little way down the road and discover that you need to change direction because things have changed. But if colleagues get on board the bus because of all the other brilliant colleagues on the bus, you'll be much more able to respond to change and the challenges that lie ahead.

If you have the right colleagues with you on your bus, you don't need to worry about motivating them because the right colleagues are self-motivated. Nothing beats being a part of a team that is expected to produce brilliant results.

And always remember, if you have the wrong people on the bus, nothing else matters. You may be headed in the right direction, but you still won't achieve great things. Great vision with mediocre people still produces mediocre results.

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