Monday, 17 September 2007

I received a copy of a wonderful letter from Sarah Rutty, Headteacher at Bankside Primary School...

Sarah wanted to let us know what a brilliant job Tony Palmer and his colleagues had done in contracting and helping deliver the new 'Orange Base' project at the school over the Summer. Sarah says in her letter that "Jon and Michael Stancliffe and their excellent Eurolink team were a pleasure to have on site, demonstrating the highest standards of both manners and work ethic at all times." " The school is looking lovely and the community is very pleased with the results. The Governors have asked me to express thanks to you and your team."

It doesn't take much to say thankyou and to ensure that a team of colleagues who have worked hard to secure something wonderful for a school feel great as we start a new year. The Learning Environments team do a brilliant job in difficult circumstances and have helped transform the school estate over the last few years. I am really grateful to Sarah and her governors for taking the time to write.

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