Thursday, 20 September 2007

I sometimes wonder why I am so tired...

I know some of you are saying that it's my age or that I do too much but I have been reading again and the latest research from the business world suggests that 15% of the people in any organisation do nothing while another 60% are disengaged. I calculate that that leaves 25% of us doing all the work... no wonder I am tired!

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Honey Pot said...

Given how often I read the blog and sense a superman behind it, this is an unusually human entry.

Us mere mortals often feel tired. I am convinced this is simply because we haven't had enough good quality sleep. Occasionally its because we are working too hard and not smart enough (refer to your earlier entry this week about ther list of things we need to be clear we are going to stop doing). Perhaps it might be something to do with our age although (like you) I am not convinced about this.

However, I am absolutely clear that when I am feeling tired it has got nothing whatsoever to do with the work that others are (or are not) doing. I don't work in business. I am part of a public sector organisation where every employee shares a set of core values and principles that inform their contribution to what we are doing. Our people share at least a view and often a passion to try to do something to combat the disadvantage experienced by others in our community.

Myself and my colleagues don't work in a business. We work in and for a community. Our salaries are paid by that community, not by profits. We all have an investment in the success of our community. I would argue that research from the business world doesn't apply to to the world of work that you and I inhabit.

Finally, I know that not everyone is passionate - it would be unbearable if that was the case. I know that not everyone is always fantastic at their job - my challange as a leader and manager is to motivate and assist everyone to develop and improve their practice. This requires energy and effort. But I am still doing the best job I have ever done, working in the best organisation I have ever worked in.........and why? Simple - everywhere I look I see committed colleagues doing their best and receptive to developing and improving how and what they do.

My advice to you, read better research!