Friday, 12 October 2007

I finished the week at what I think was the highlight of my week...

I had been asked to speak at the Civil Gospel seminar at the 'Sikh Religious Educational and Interfaith Event' at Roundhay Park. This event celebrates cultural diversity and community cohesion and is dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of Guru Granth Sahib's perpetual Guruship.

The event features a wonderful exhibition of The Sikh Faith and Interfaith Scriptures. It also includes materials on the Sikh Gurus and the restoration of the Golden Temple. I hope that many colleagues shared the priviledge of seeing this wonderful celebration of The Sikh Faith.

The sminar attempted to explore our shared values, our rights and our responsibilities and how we are to continue to develop community cohesion and tackle diadvantage wherever we find it.
It was a great honour to be asked to contribute to the seminar with city leaders like Paul Rogerson, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, Simon Lee, Vice Chancellor of Leeds Metropolitan University and Carole Hassan.

I learned a lot from my brief visit to this hugely impressive event. You can find out more about what you missed by visiting the website at

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