Thursday, 11 October 2007

On Tuesday, I started the day at Drighlington Primary School where Sue Jackson and her deputy are doing great things...

The school has made real progress under Sue's leadership over the last few years. We have made real progress with the building over the last year and as I walked around the school with Sue I could see that things are really going well. What makes Drighlington Primary School such a great learning place? The answers...
  • Sue's strong, focused and passionate leadership;
  • a talented, energetic deputy and an enthusiastic team;
  • clear values and beliefs driving the work of the school;
  • a focus on standards, behaviour and discipline;
  • a focus on purposeful teaching within a positive learning environment;
  • high expectations and hard work!

Sue and her learning team are doing a great job and are building something really special at Drighlington Primary School .

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