Friday, 12 October 2007

It has been a busy, non-stop and chaotic week with very little space and no time to think, to reflect or to listen...

Friday started in the same way with the Learning Partnership closely followed by the set-up meeting for the Joint Area Review; the inspection of Children's Services here in Leeds. The inspection is being carried out by colleagues from OFSTED and the team were in Leeds to explain the process they would be following and the focus of the inspection.

All Joint Area Reviews are required to focus on Looked-After Children, Children with Disabilities and Safeguarding. In additional the teams look at two or three additional areas chosen to reflect the big agendas and the wicked issues for each authority. The team have selected two additional areas to inspect in Leeds... Childhood and Adolescent Mental Heath Services and 14 - 19 provision.

As I always say, we live in interesting times!

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