Thursday, 13 December 2007

At the Education Leeds Board yesterday we looked at the new Strategic Plan and the importance of understanding that our job is to build brilliant. We all need to be passionately engaged, have a sense of purpose and agree what are the shared values that shape the work we are doing here at Education Leeds. We need to balance our individual needs, our team needs and the needs of the various communities we serve and it is never easy. We also have to acknowledge and recognise that we are all basically selfish and that whatever we do our lives start with us, our needs and wants and those of people closest to us. However, the really positive piece of the jigsaw puzzle is that all the research suggests that we are all searching for something bigger, some higher purpose and that we are all ultimately decent people wanting to make a difference.

I am convinced that much of life is a self–fulfilling prophecy and that if you think the best of colleagues and show it they will most often prove you right. Interestingly, if you trust people and believe that most people can be relied on colleagues will most often live up to your expectations. My approach has always been that we all have a magic and a talent that simply needs to be released.

I mean who wouldn't want to be part of what we are doing in Leeds. We are a unique and very special team and everyone who gets to know us really well says that. I know that optimists are always prey to disappointment but life without hope and being positive about the future is no real life at all.

Be your brilliant best and surprise yourself.


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