Monday, 10 December 2007

I knew that mentoring made a difference but until know I didn't have the evidence...

My colleague Andy Humphries has looked at the latest Year 11 Fisher Family Trust outcomes and the results make interesting reading. The Leeds value added is 985 with the 'best school' achieving 1012 and the 'worst school' achieving 954. These are the figures for the young people we have mentored over the last year:
  • adult mentors 1012;
  • peer mentors 1022;
  • business mentors 1017;
  • BME mentoring 1028;
  • Making the Difference BME mentors 1003;
  • Looked-after Children mentors 1007
  • Junior windsor fellowship BME mentors 1045.

If this doesn't persuade you to become a mentor for one of our young people nothing will. If you are interested contact my colleague Barry Hilton who will send you a pack! Become a mentor and change a life!


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