Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I visited an amazing school today...

Meadowfield Primary School and Children's Centre replaced Osmondthorpe and Whitebridge Primary Schools and the new facilities are fantastic! There are, as always with new builds, some snagging problems, space issues and the school field needs attention but it is a wonderful journey that the team have been on and they have achieved something really special. Richard Mellard, the headteacher, and Mike Shaw, the Chair of Governors, showed me round the school and it was fantastic. The learning team are young, energetic and creative; with one class I went into using De Bono's thinking hats and across the school purposeful and very focused learning taking place, including a session by The Blah Blah Blah Theatre Company who were performing Theseus & The Bull Dancers and you could have heard a pin drop!

I think the things that make Meadowfield Primary School so good are...

  • focused and passionate distributed leadership;
  • a clear, shared vision driving all aspects of the school;
  • a talented, energetic, enthusiastic and creative learning team;
  • a rich, exciting and engaging curriculum offer;
  • a powerful, stimulating and interesting learning environment;
  • inspiring teaching and learning within a nurturing climate;
  • individual tracking of childrens progress and achievements;
  • early, appropriate and focused interventions.

This is a great school, serving a very complex population and releasing a very special kind of magic. Congratulations to Richard and the team!


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