Wednesday, 5 December 2007

My colleague Paul Kaiserman sent me some more good news...

"Hi Chris, Sorry, but I can't resist sharing some more good news for this week. Some comments below from schools after our recent project week when small teams go in to schools to deliver jointly-planned programmes:

  • Swarcliffe: ENORMOUS thank you for all the hard work you put was fantastic to see the children come alive & work so enthusiastically towards a common goal. Not only was the music work great fun....but the sense of team that you inspired will remain with the children....we will DEFINITELY see you again very soon!!
  • Newlaithes: ....both staff & pupils had a wonderful time with the ArtForms all sounded amazing. We were surprised & impressed at how much the children learnt and thrilled at how they responded to the experience. Quote; Reece "I feel alive!"
  • Calverley: The children had a real sense of achievement.....[and] began to understand how music is "put together". There was real cooperation and collaboration. The team was friendly, approachable, enthusiastic & had high expectations of the children. I feel more confident about my own understanding of music and will be better able to ask for specific help & advice.
  • St Bartholomew: predicted, brilliant.
  • EPOS: .......absolutely fantastic. Beyond our expectations. Great to link up with the High School......inspirational for the children.
  • Castleton: Come back next year. A real success again. This continues to be a real highlight of the school year, with pupils entering year 6 & asking "When do we do the Steel Pans?". A motivating and "carrot" tool and always perform to a well attended concert of parents, governors, staff and pupils

Also the launch of the great anti-bullying pack with Hilary Farmery. We're feeling somewhat pleased with ourselves! Paul"

It is great to see what the Artforms team are doing is really appreciated.


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Craig C said...

Hi Chris,
I wanted to share with you a real success story from Intake High School. One of the school bands "Unknown Cause" have been going from strength to strength sinve the summer when they went out on the Breeze on Tour events, they have been playing some of the established music venues in the city, getting great support from Intake staff especially Matt Evens (head of Music)and also BARCA-Leeds who have helped with a grant for equipment.
On Sunday they attended regional heats for live and unsigned event in Manchester and successfully made the semi finals to be held in February.
The increase in confidence in performance and stage presence over the last few months has been impressive. We are really proud of them all and what they are achieving.

Have a listen @ I hope you'll agree its very professional.

Thanks, Craig Clarkson