Friday, 18 January 2008

Another week gone and I simply don't know where the time goes...

I am sitting here at Merrion House reflecting on what I have achieved this week and the difference we are making to outcomes for children and young people across Leeds... I know that the further away you get from the classroom the longer it takes to see the impact but it is important that we constantly stand in our colleagues shoes and ask those questions. In a week where the latest secondary performance tables state that we are now sixth from the bottom in terms of the value we add from the end of the primary years to the end of the secondary years, which is a marked improvement on last year when we were second from the bottom, we must all reflect and consider whether our efforts are making a real difference to children, young people and their families and what else we need to do to achieve a step change in outcomes.

What I do know is that although we are making good progress on so many fronts, what we are currently doing isn't enough. We must continue to challenge everyone to do better and build brilliant provision consistently across all our schools... whatever it takes!


Heather Scott said...

Hi Chris
Keep at it. I am sure there are lots of us who read your blog regularly but feel we don't have anything pithy or of huge value to add to what you've found. It's really interesting to see where you have been, who you have met and to keep up to date with Education Leeds' changes/events/developments. How many other Chief Executives of ANY organisation come out of their office on such a frequent basis to meet the workforce? Very few, I reckon. Keep doing the blog and keep doing the face-to-face. Best regards. Heather

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Heather,
Great to hear from you and to know that you read the blog. I beleieve that the only way I can do my job is to regularly connect and stand iwith those colleagues who really make a difference to outcomes for children, young people and their families.